Delphi FMX – Android API 26 – SQLite DB Connection with UNIDAC


I’m using Tokyo 10.2.3 and UNIDAC component for interacting with a sqlite database on Android API 26 Platform.
So far, with the help from Dave:

Targeting Android 8 and higher, continued

… the App worked fine with with access to ‘TakePhoto’, ‘Positioning’, ‘W/R to external storage’ … The UNIDAC MySQL Connection is working too, but seems to need no further permissions.

But I can get no connection to my SQLite Database anymore. Before the change from SDK14 to SDK26 the connection worked fine. Seems to me, as it is a problem with accessing ‘external’ URIs as Dave described in his blog. I changed the Manifest.xml, added a fileprovider and added the provider_paths.xml too.

The way of choose the Databasefile with UNIDAC as String:

SQLiteConnection1.Database := TPath.Combine( TPath.GetDocumentsPath, ‘test.db’ );

Any solutions or help outside?

thanks a lot


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