TMS WEB Core v1.0 Brescia is released, the journey begins


Several months ago, we announced the TMS RADical Web concept to bring RAD component based web development to Delphi. The foundation of this concept is TMS WEB Core.

TMS WEB Core comprises:

a component framework
a (Web) RTL
a Pascal to JavaScript compiler
a Delphi IDE integration

TMS WEB Core enables to build modern web client applications following the single-page architecture that also other modern frameworks like Angular, vue.js, React employ.

The web for Delphi developers …

With TMS WEB Core, you feel right at home in the Delphi IDE, not only with respect to language, code editor, form designer but also with respect to component framework where many direct web-based counterparts are available for edit, button, label, listbox, grid … and many more UI controls.

Delphi for web developers …

Equally important, with TMS WEB Core, you also feel right at home in the magic world of web development. TMS WEB Core is designed to be open to other Javascript frameworks. Out of the box, there is support to bind to jQuery controls and we have wrapped already a significant part of the jQWidget UI controls into easy to use Pascal components. TMS WEB Core is totally open to CSS styling, to optionally design web pages fully in HTML/CSS (possibly by a person different from the software developer with expertise in nice graphic webdesign).
TMS WEB Core is also to the server technology of your choice. TMS WEB Core web client applications can enjoy first-class binding to data via the familiar TDataSet concept via our TMS XData REST API server technology. But you can use at the same time Embarcadero RAD Server, a node.js based REST API, ASP.NET Core microservices etc..

The power of FNC …

And we did more magic with TMS WEB Core and the TMS FNC framework. We did nothing less than web-enable our FNC component architecture. That means that our FNC UI controls that were already usable for VCL Windows application development, FMX Windows, macOS, iOS and Android development and LCL Windows, macOS and Linux/Raspbian development can now also be used to develop web applications. This incredible technical wizardry has never been done before. Now you can share Delphi code between desktop, mobile and web applications, including user-interface logic as our FNC controls are 100% code interface compatible between VCL, FMX, LCL and now also WEB with TMS WEB Core.

We invite you to take your time to explore the tons of new capabilties that open up for Delphi developers. A fully functional trial for TMS WEB Core is available now as well as trial versions for TMS FNC UI controls, TMS XData and you can use of course TMS WEB Core with other JavaScript libraries, other web controls and other server technologies. There is meanwhile a long list of videos showing the features and capabilities

A huge team effort …

The development of TMS WEB Core took almost 1.5 years so far with a team of over 10 people and was the biggest effort ever in the history of our company TMS software. Never before have so many talented colleagues and bright minds been at work together on this exciting new development. Never before have we been so passionate about a new product. Discover more about the team wizards in upcoming blogs. Now it is your time to enjoy the fruits of this hard labor.

Low barrier to start …

We wanted TMS WEB Core to be easily accessible & affordable for everyone. From hobbyist, self-employed consultants, small companies, schools, trainers to large companies. Therefore, we have set the TMS WEB Core launch price to only 295EUR for a single developer license. You will not only enjoy this new exciting product, but also get updates & priority support for a full year. After this period, renewals are offered at 70% discount of the new license price.
For developers who like to have the convenience of having our full toolbox directly accessible, there is TMS ALL-ACCESS. With TMS ALL-ACCESS you get TMS WEB Core to build your web client applications but also our TMS XData REST API server technology and our full suite of FNC UI controls to enrich your array of UI controls available for your web applications.

Only the beginning …

The world of the web is large, very large. With TMS WEB Core v1.0, we are only at the beginning of a long journey. As the famous Mille Miglia route is one of the most fantastic journeys in the world, we thought it was nice to visualize the journey of TMS WEB Core as part of TMS RADical Web via the route of the Mille Miglia.

Therefore, it is fitting that this TMS WEB Core v1.0 is named after Brescia, the start of the Mille Miglia and we will follow the track of the legendary year 1955. As you can see, the next milestone is Verona and so the next major release will be called Verona. In a follow-up blog, we will reveal some more details of the roadmap, the milestones of versions you can expect along this famous track. I would say, enjoy this exciting trip and follow with us along the track!

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