Am I populating this Delphi / Firemonkey ListView correctly?


I have a Delphi / FireMonkey app (Delphi 10.2 Tokyo) that contains 2 TListView components. I’m encountering a problem where the second list view causes an Access Violation when I try to populate it… but only on certain machines.

After the user selects a category (which is what the first ListView is for), I populate the 2nd listview. I do it like this:


for i := 1 to Transactions.Count do
tx := Transactions[i-1];

lvi := lvTransactions.Items.Add;
lvi.TagString := tx.txid;

//AV on this line
lviDate := lvi.Objects.FindObjectT<TListItemText>(‘Date’);

lviDate.Text := FormatDateTime( ‘yyyy-mm-dd hh:nn:ss’, tx.timestamp);

//assigns more values here

Going through the remote debugger on one of the machines that has the problem, I found that it is AV’ing on the line:

lviDate := lvi.Objects.FindObjectT<TListItemText>(‘Date’);

Specifically, when the code tries to access the Objects list of the ListViewItem. The ListViewItem’s Objects list is nil, causing the AV.

//from the FMX code for TListViewItem
function TListViewItem.GetViewObjects: TListViewItemObjects;
CreateObjects; //<—- THIS AV’s
Result := TListViewItem.TListViewItemObjects(inherited View);

On my development Desktop, the above works flawlessly. On a pair of laptops I test with, I get an AV every time.

I tried moving some of the code into the OnUpdatingObjects event, and that also still AV’d. Basically, any time the Objects list is referenced, it AV’s.

Am I doing something wrong with the TListView, or is this a problem with it?

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