LIVE! Tuesday, January 23rd, 2018


You can watch live right here:

During this episode we discussed:

We set up our own RTMP instance on Linode to bounce the 3 streams off of for the podcast. I used Craig’s Brolly script to setup the server, and followed this guide. I used my local machine that I was streaming from to composite as well, which may have been stressing out the poor MacBook. I’ll try adding another computer to the mix next time, possibly an Amazon Workspace instance like we did for CodeRage.
The Delphi powered game Blast-Off launched yesterday on Steam. It is a lot of fun and looks beautiful.

Speaking of beautiful games created with Delphi, check out some of the latest videos by Zudomon showing off the game he is developing in Delphi. You can support it on Patreon or follow along on the Facebook developer page.
The team over at Grijjy has an open source Cross Platform Cloud Logger available git the GetIt packet manager or on GitHub. The Broker and LogViewer run on Windows, but the client logging code works on Android, iOS, Linux, macOS, and Windows. It has a lot of great features and is very useful.
There is an art and a science to writing good questions. Eric S. Raymond started it with his How to Ask Questions the Smart Way back in 2004. I created a blog post Jon Skeet of Stack Overflow fame also made a blog post about Writing the Perfect Question, which he shorted into a checklist on Stack Overflow Meta. I’ve got a blog post on the subject as well. Following these steps are also good troubleshooting too.

We also discussed some DevOps best practices

You need a literal backup of all the machines
Keep all your code in source control
Be sure you also have an offsite backup
You need to be able to rebuild your development machine quickly

This includes bringing up a new developer
Same process is used to set up a dedicated build machine

If you use a database, you don’t have a database unless you have a script to rebuild it, and it is in source control

A script or some other system to manage the schema and lookup tables

Use Virtual Machines to manage development environments
You should have a dedicated build server – this proves your process to build a development machine works
Might as well setup CI too

When discussion version control hosting consider the following:

GitHub has free open source repositories with free collaborators, but you can pay for private repositories
BitBucket has free private repositories, and Jira integration, but you pay for collaborators
SourceForge just launched a huge new update
GitLab is an exciting new alternative that also allows free self hosting

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