Animation problems in Delphi Tokyo 10.2 update 2? Check bug RSP-19525


If you run into animation problems in Delphi Tokyo 10.2 update 2, then read [WayBack] … In particular I cannot use the use the animation to change the tab in a TabControl… – Raffaele Miola – Google+.
It is likely that  RSP-19525 (10.2 Tokyo Release 2 breaks Animation under Android – App hangs).
Some temporary fixes that might help you are here:

[WayBack] fmxfixes/10.2.2 at master · chinawsb/fmxfixes · GitHub
[WayBack] fmxfixes/0002-Fix-RPS-19525-Waitable-Animation-make-the-program-ha.patch at master · chinawsb/fmxfixes · GitHub
[WayBack] KastriFree/RSP-19525.txt at master · DelphiWorlds/KastriFree · GitHub

via [WayBack] A workaround for the Android app “hang” issue with Delphi 10.2.2 Tokyo – Delphi Worlds
that repo has a list of other RSP issues with potential workarounds: [WayBack] KastriFree/List Of Reports With Workarounds.txt at master · DelphiWorlds/KastriFree · GitHub

I think that for cross platform and especially mobile development means you need to use tools from vendors that live and breathe that, by constantly showing they master these subjects for instance having good apps in the app stores and examples that are regularly updated to the ever changing field.
I really wonder what the rest of the Delphi community thinks about that.
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