White bar below status bar when using xCode 9 and iOS 11


We’re developing an app for iOS using RADStudio 10.1 Berlin and FireMonkey.

When building the app using Xcode 9.1 (9B55) for iOS 11.1.2 (15B202), we get a white bar at the top, just below the status bar.

This happens even if we don’t use any stylebooks at all.

What we’ve tried

Deploying on an earlier iOS version – no problems.
Compiling using xCode 8 – no problems.
Deploying on Android – no problems.
Changing ‘FormFactor.Devices’ from ‘Desktop’ to ‘iPad’, and adding ‘iPhone’. Problem remained, every combination that we tried gave the strange white bar with xCode 9 and iOS 11.
We also tried running this on the iOS simulator, but were having trouble with the Simulator itself.
Set the property Border.Styling to False. Problem remained.
Set the Form.Caption to an empty string. Problem remained.

We observed that the white bar is not the status bar. The status bar is visible above our mysterious white bar.
It could be a navigation bar of some sort, unfortunately FireMonkey does not seem to give us access to built-in controls.

We reproduced this in an MCVE.

This is the Delphi code:

unit Unit6;


System.SysUtils, System.Types, System.UITypes, System.Classes, System.Variants,
FMX.Types, FMX.Controls, FMX.Forms, FMX.Graphics, FMX.Dialogs,
FMX.Controls.Presentation, FMX.StdCtrls, System.Actions, FMX.ActnList,
FMX.StdActns, FMX.MediaLibrary.Actions;

TForm6 = class(TForm)
ActionList1: TActionList;
TakePhotoFromCameraAction1: TTakePhotoFromCameraAction;
SpeedButton1: TSpeedButton;
{ Private declarations }
{ Public declarations }

Form6: TForm6;


{$R *.fmx}


This is the code of the Form (FMX):

object Form6: TForm6
Left = 0
Top = 0
Border.Styling = False
BorderIcons = []
ClientHeight = 480
ClientWidth = 640
FormFactor.Width = 320
FormFactor.Height = 480
FormFactor.Devices = [iPad]
DesignerMasterStyle = 0
object SpeedButton1: TSpeedButton
Action = TakePhotoFromCameraAction1
Enabled = True
ImageIndex = -1
Position.X = 144.000000000000000000
Position.Y = 272.000000000000000000
Visible = True
object ActionList1: TActionList
Left = 64
Top = 88
object TakePhotoFromCameraAction1: TTakePhotoFromCameraAction
Category = ‘Media Library’

So the question is, how do we get rid of this strange bar?

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