Why does FireMonkey CopyStartUpFiles fail on an iPad 2 Device?


In the System.StartUpCopy code below, DirectoryExists(Source) returns false.

{$IF Defined(IOS)}
Source := UTF8ToString(Bundle.bundlePath.UTF8String) + PathDelim + ‘StartUp’ + PathDelim;
if DirectoryExists(Source) then
DoCopyFiles(Source, Destination);

This is on Tokyo 10.2 and Berlin 10.1 using a 32-bit app in “development mode” targeting an iPad 2 using SDK 10.2. The iPad 2 is running IOS 9.3.5

The debugger shows the value of “Source” is:

The deployment and provisioning all appear to be ok and the above code works when targeting the IOS simulator. The Startup directory does exist in the Project1.app in the PAServer folder on the Mac. Any clues what could cause the bundlePath to not be found?

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