Setting the glyph image in a FireMonkey TListView


I have a FireMonkey TListView in a project. It’s using a DynamicAppearance, each item features a couple of text entries and a glyph button. What I cannot seem to figure out is how to set the glyph image for that button when I build the list.

For example, when building the list items, I can do this for a text field:

lviAmount := lvi.Objects.FindObjectT<TListItemText>(‘Amount’);
lviAmount.Text := FloatToStrF( tx.amount, ffNumber, 7, 2);

But I cannot see how to do the same thing with a TListItemGlyphButton:

lviDelete := lvi.Objects.FindObjectT<TListItemGlyphButton>(‘DeleteButton’);

How can I set/assign the glyph image on a TListItemGlyphButton in a FireMonkey TListView? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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