Scrolling a firemonkey grid


I’ve placed a firemonkey TGrid on my form, added 15 TColumns, set RowCount to 1000 and used the GetValue event to populate it. 30 Rows are visible. Pressing PgUp and PgDn scrolls the grid up one page / down one page (i.e. 30 rows) as expected.

If I click on the vertical scrollbar (on the top or bottom buttons or the whitespace in between) the grid scrolls 7 rows and not the expected 1 or 30. I would have expected this to work automatically but, if that’s not the case, can anyone tell me the properties I’m supposed to change? I can see Min, Max properties along with a SmallChange property but no LargeChange property. Messing about with the first 3 didn’t seem to change anything.

As a search of the problem brings up nothing I must be missing something really stupid but I’m clueless as to what it is.

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