Dynamically create submenu


I have a TMainMenu with a menu item called mnuWindows. I wish to create submenu items dynamically. I thought this code might do it but it doesn’t work:

mnuitm: TMenuItem;

mnuitm.Text:=’some text’;

When I click on mnuWIndows, nothing happens. Where am i going wrong?


The submenu was not displaying on clicking because each time I did so, the program had been freshly started and I didn’t realize that under these circumstances, two clicks are necessary. The first click doesn’t visibly do anything and the second click drops down the submenu. So, I concede the code snippet above works.

But I still have a difficulty. I need to create several submenu items so I tried the following loop inside the mnuWindows OnClick event handler:

for I := 0 to TabSet1.Tabs.Count – 1 do
mnuitm := TMenuItem.Create(mnuWindows);
mnuitm.Text := TabSet1.Tabs[I].Text;
if not mnuWindows.ContainsObject(mnuitm) then

The intent of the above code is that clicking the mnuWindows item displays a list of the tabs in a tabset. This code works up to a point. On first being clicked, it correctly lists the current tabs. But when I add a tab and click on mnuWindows again, the new tab is not shown in the list. The list is exactly as before. I wondered if the menu needed updating or refreshing somehow. I came across the following method

IFMXMenuService.UpdateMenuItem(IItemsContainer, TMenuItemChanges)

but it is poorly documented and I’m not sure how to use it or even whether it is relevant.

I thought the two down votes on my post were harsh. I have searched the web extensively for an example of how to dynamically create submenus in Firemonkey and there is very little. I did find a solution from 2012, but syntax changes since then mean that it does not work in Tokyo 10.2.

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