DAPUG event in Denmark


Today and tomorrow I’ll be the speaker at the DAPUG event in Denmark. The title of the event is “DELPHI IN THE ENTERPRISE”. What is an enterprise application? Obviously there isn’t a measure to know if an application is enterprise or not, but the following needs usually require and enterprise level application.

Critical functionality
Large quantity of concurrently accessed data
Large number of screens
Integration with 3rd part systems
Conceptual dissonance
Complex business rules

In such scenarios we cannot just create a larger “small” application; you have to change your mindset and adopt new tools. The OO principles, design patterns and unit tests are the first step to get success in the enterprise field (and also in all the others smaller field), but what’s next? At the DAPUG event I’ll talk about the tools and the products that can help our Delphi system to be able to play well in the enterprise field.
From this idea, these are the topics covered at the DAPUG event in Denmark:
Tuesday day 1
Real-world Linux Development with Delphi
DMVCFramework 3: RESTful services and much more
Wednesday Day 2
The amazing Redis
Analysis and searches with ElasticSearch
Using ORM in Delphi
Logging done right; How to use and extend LoggerPro
I think that the topics are really interesting, we’ll see what will think the DAPUG members after the workshop
Stay tuned

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