InterBase 2017 Update 1 and Delphi


A few months after the InterBase 2017 release, Embarcadero has just made available InterBase 2017 Update 1. If you are an existing InterBase user, this is a nice update the install, given it has some performance improvements, bug fixes, and new features, as explained in the announcement article I just publsihed at:

InterBase is a great embedded database, and the IBLite/IBToGo versions come included with RAD Studio for all supported platforms (desktop and mibile). The Windows developer edition of the full RDMBS (a fast, hassle free, fully powered SQL engine) is also included in RAD Studio and helps power the RAD Server database. Not only InterBase is on par with most competing (and often more expensive) solution, but it has unique features like ChangeViews that can be leveraged to greatly optimize the data traffic, something even more important in today’s mobile and distributed world.
While RAD Studio Tokyo ships with the previous version, InterBase XE7, the InterBase 2017 versions of the developer server and IBLite/IBToGo are available in GetIt — currently still the original release, Udpate 1 will be made available early next week. Read the linked article above for current download links and more information on this version of InterBase.

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