How can I include an Apple Help Book when building my app for OSX


I have developed a Firemonkey app for Windows and OSX. I have also developed an Apple Help Book containing the help for my application when it is run on OSX. (I have a different help system when running in Windows.) Apple’s recommended location for the help bundle is in the app’s Contents/Resources folder. I can copy the help bundle there manually but it gets deleted every time I run my app in the IDE or deploy my app.

I thought about trying to use the deployment manager but this only allows files to be deployed, not bundles. The help bundle contains a large number of files spread amongst various folders and it would be tedious to set each file up individually in the deployment manager. Moreover, I would have to change the setup every time I added or deleted a page from help since each page is a separate HTML file in the bundle.

So for now, I am manually pasting the help bundle into Contents/Resources. Does anyone know of a more efficient method to incorporate the help bundle?

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