How can I get the current date and time from the GPS sensor in FireMonkey for Android?


How can I get the current date time from GPS/glonas/baido satellites on my mobile device with Delphi Android programming?

At this time I can just get longitude and latitude from the location sensor.

procedure TForm1.LocationSensor1LocationChanged(Sender: TObject;
const OldLocation, NewLocation: TLocationCoord2D);
LDecSeparator: String;
LDecSeparator := FormatSettings.DecimalSeparator;
FormatSettings.DecimalSeparator := ‘.’;
// Show current location
ListBoxItemLatitude.ItemData.Detail := Format(‘%2.6f’, [NewLocation.Latitude]);
ListBoxItemLongitude.ItemData.Detail := Format(‘%2.6f’, [NewLocation.Longitude]);

I know it’s easier to use GSM network for time but there is no mobile network available on my case.

Is this possible at all?

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