GetIt Content Update, September 2017


We keep adding a lot of open source libraries, trial components, and now also demos and database connectors to the GetIt package manager. As I wrote a couple of months back, we added also a lot of new categories to simplify navigating among the 241 packages listed today.
What was added over recent months to the GetIt package manager for 10.2 Tokyo?

AQTime Standard Embarcadero edition
FaceAPI library (for Microsoft Cognitive Services)
Grijjy Cloud Logger
NexuxDB Free Embedded Version
RAD Server Industry Template – Hospitality Survey Application
JCL and JVCL updates
3DElite TCP Server-Client Library
Additional TMS trial components
Many /n Software trial components
BrilliantCode trial
FmxLinux trial
The 80 or so trial versions of CData Enterprise Connectors

More and more components are being added continuously, and we are open to submissions from the community and from partners.


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