Delphi Firemonkey OSX how to show properly popup menu on button click?


I have a couple of buttons, which all have to show various popup menus when clicked. I use the following code in the onClick event of the buttons:

procedure TForm1.btnExportClick(Sender: TObject);

When I click a button and release the mouse, the onClick event is triggered, the button turns blue and the popup menu appears.

When I then click another button, without releasing the mouse (so it should not trigger a onclick event yet), the first popup menu vanish, but the popup menu of the other button appear and the onClick event is triggered (I see this in debugger).

When I first close the popup menu by clicking somewhere else, then the other button also work as expected, but as long a popup menu is open, the buttons onClick event is triggered even I do not release the mouse button yet.

There is definitely something wrong with my code or way to do it.

Note: It only happen when running it on Mac OSX, not on Windows using FireMonkey.

How to do it properly?

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