Delphi Blogs of the (Week) Month #55


This is my fairly regular (although now monthly) list of relevant links to blogs post, articles, news, and more from the Delphi community.
Embarcadero Updates
Idera has acquired Sencha to strengthen its developer tools business (aka Embarcadero). You can read the press release ( and articles like
Embarcadero released a hot fix for Tokyo 10.2.1 to resolve iOS AdHoc deployment:

Notable Blog Posts
Save Time With This Quick LiveBindings Trick For Delphi And C++Builder (by Eli):

Experiments in Uniform Memory Management (by Erik van Bilsen):

Delphi FMX Chess Game (although I’m eagerly waiting for more information)

Cross-Platform Code Hooking (also by Erik van Bilsen):

Windows Manifest Files (by Vincent Parrett):

TNotifyEvent debouncing in Delphi (by Sergey Zhukov): (althought it has been criticized as not really being on debouncing, it is an interesting read)
Use C++Builder to get Android current ringtone mode (by Haruyuki Mohri):

Resizing a TViewPort3D (by Gustav Schubert):

The Dark Side of Application.ProcessMessages in Delphi Applications (by Zarko Gajic): (re-opening a never ending debate on the use of Windows limited message based parallel processing vs. real threading solutions — or maybe the debate is actually settled and threads just won?)
Cloud Based Unit Resolver For The Delphi RTL In Delphi 10.2 Tokyo (by FMX Express):

Third Party Libraries and Components
Delphi base compatibility, Spine improvements, other stuff in Castle Game Engine (by Michalis):

JSKit – open-source Cross-platform JavaScript framework for Delphi and CrossVcl announcement (by Eugene) at The library itself can be found at

Kind of similarly, ​ScriptGate provides mutual calls between JavaScript and #Delphi and it’s useful for Hybrid apps (by Hosokawa Jun):

GrijjyCloudLogger, remote logging for Windows, iOS, Android, macOS and Linux (by Allen Drennan) at The repository is at

​Must Have RAD Accessories – InnoSetup (by Craig Chapman): (and part of a very nice series of classic Delphi components and tools)
Debugger Callstack Resolver released (by Andreas Hausladen):

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