Swipes generating on click on popup controls Firemonkey Delphi


I am new to firemonkey and mobile apps. I have a tabbed android application which I am using the swipe left and swipe right gesture to transition between tab pages ala most android apps.
One of my tab pages is filled with popup boxes. It is impossible to swipe out of this page without triggering the popup list even though the application is now on another tab page.
I can disable gestures and use a button based tab control, but this is not android like. Any other suggestions.

I have tried a number of things:

I can intercept the on_click event and enable and disable the popup, but I am unable at that time to detect that the click was part of a swipe gesture. It has not yet switched tabs, using doidle or other processmessages type approaches does not let it finish switching tabs,, and I do not know how to peek at events in the que to see that a swipe gesture is pending.

I disabled the on_click event and used a long tap from the gesture manager assigned to the popup to activate the popup. The problem is that if I do that then the swipe gestures no longer work, and never generate an event. I tried this same approach filling a panel with the popupboxes and assigning the gesture manager to the panel and again, the swipe actions seem to never be triggered.

Any suggestions.


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