Is it possible to retrieve the font scaling in Windows?


Trying to change dimensions of my FMX form to emulate a ‘FullScreen’ mode, but using the Screen size backfires when a user has its settings with some bigger scaling, since the whole form becomes bigger than the screen.

How can I retrieve the scaling value so I can Size the form accordingly?

That’s a little snippet that shows what was my intention with the question and how it was solved. Thank you for you time and help.

procedure TMyForm.ApplyFullScreen;
tmpEscale: Extended;
BorderStyle := TFmxFormBorderStyle.None;
Left := 0;
Top := 0;

tmpEscala := USER_DEFAULT_SCREEN_DPI / GetDeviceCaps(GetDC(0), LOGPIXELSX);

Height := Round(Screen.Height * tmpEscala);
Width := Round(Screen.Width * tmpEscala);

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