Delphi Firemonkey runtime adding and displaying images


You can see the background below I changed the question title because I decided on a method… but I don’t quite understand timagelist.

My question is when I add image to timagelist does it store the image bitmap or just a reference.

I am using timagelist and Listview to try and record images for a history.
listview shows text that they are there but no image is displayed I have set the itemApperance.item to Image only and text still shows up.

Here is my adding code

procedure tmainfrm.AddBitmapAndImageExecute(Sender: TObject);
Item: TListViewItem;
if {(MainDataModule.ImageList1.Count > 0) and} not Image1.Bitmap.IsEmpty then
ListView1.ItemAppearanceName := TAppearanceNames.ImageListItem;
ListView1.ItemAppearanceObjects.ItemObjects.Image.Visible := True;
Item := ListView1.Items.Add;
if (Item.Objects.ImageObject <> nil) then
Item.Bitmap := Image1.Bitmap;
Item.Objects.ImageObject.ImageIndex := Item.Index;// mod MainDataModule.ImageList1.Count;
Item.Text := Format(‘Item with ImageIndex = %d and Bitmap ”%s”’, [Item.Objects.ImageObject.ImageIndex,

Here is the resulting listview: I wan to end up with just images from top to bottom to scroll text

Previous title:

Vertical Scrolling in Firemonkey Delphi Advice

I have a tabbed application that scrolls horizontally to different user pages.

One of the pages is a history of the events on the primary page. (The user captures a waveform that is stored in timage on the primary page). On the history page/tab, I want to allow the user to vertically scroll back through the captured timages and allow him/her to mark those that are bad etc.

I am not sure how to approach this to get the android feel. this is my first android project and I am not familiar with the ui components.

I would appreciate any advice on

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