Delphi android app TEdit access violation


I have created a project under firemonkey on Delphi 10 Seattle and it works perfectly (Android, Win32 and Win64). I have had problems with that computer so I have used another which has Tokyo 10.2 (not with the update) and the latest version of the android SDK (latest API 7).

I have imported the project on Tokyo and compiled/built it.

When I try to build and run the project under win32/win64 it works perfectly but under Android the layout is a bit weird ^ and when I click on a TEdit the application crashes with an Access violation.

How can I solve this?

^: weird means that (android only) some TCircles are not well aligned and some TLayouts doesn’t appear. I have had to position them again using the object inspector and it seems to work. Is this a compatibility fail?

When I touch the TEdit I have the error. Only on android, not on windows. This is not the first time and I have seen similar issues online as well. How can I avoid this?

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