Changing Task Manager Application Name in FMX


When Loaded a FMX application displays the exe name on the Task Manager:

However I can have many of these applications loaded (they are called from another application) and I would like to differentiate them by a context, in my case adding the User Name to it.

Application.Title does not do the trick (actually only changes the title for the icon on the taskbar)

EDIT: to make even clearer my question, I need that the change to be made during run-time, since I do not know previously which user will be connected. The title will be according the User.

EDIT 2: While the explanation of REMY is very good it led me to take a closer look to how my app is running:

As you see there is no sub tasks available. This is a Server running ThinFinity that is a kind of RDP for application, the app screen is rerouted thru the user´s browser.

The problem here is that I don´t know in this server who is using which application, or if the application went rogue, the Task Manager would be a very easy way to see that. (btw I can see who is connected on the DB server, or in the front end http server, but I cant trace who is who in this server)

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