Delphi FMX TComboEdit not refreshing when scrolling


I have a Delphi FMX application that is installed and working at a client’s site on 75% of the computers, which are running windows 7. 25% of the computers however are experiencing a problem when scrolling a TComboEdit box. The application was developed on a Windows 10 PC running Delphi 10.2. To my knowledge all computers are the same hardware and software, and are current on Microsoft updates. I will be back onsite later this week to dig deeper.

The problem is the comboedit has many items, greater than 30, only 10 are displayed at a time. When the user presses the down arrow the items do not appear to update (scroll). The original 10 are always displayed. After pressing scroll several times they click on the bottom item, which is still showing the original 10th item. When they do the correct item is selected, for example the 15th item. Once a selection is made I populate label fields with information unique to the item selected.

Where would I begin to troubleshoot this issue? As I’ve stated, it works on most of the computers.

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