Delphi Datasnap connection error with IPv6 (iOS)


We have an iOS and Android app that uses Datasnap to connect to end-user’s datasnap Windows database servers from their mobiles/tablets. Everything was working fine, except now Apple rejects the new version of our app because it is not IPv6 compatible. Ok

Our Firemonkey mobile app (Delphi Seattle) lets end-users to set up their own server configuration (IP and Port). They must have a Windows PC server application running in their own server, so, there isn’t any HOSTNAME. They just know their server Public IP address. The server application is installed in a simple Windows PC. Not a web server, domain, etc. so there isn’t any server host-name, but an IP address.

After following Apple’s instructions to create a IPv6 private shared network, the problem exists. I get “Server Unreachable” error when trying to connect to any IP address from my iPad.
I have read that using brackets [ ] with the hostname will work, but I can’t get it. Maybe it only works with hostnames, not ip addresses?

Here is a simplified portion of code where I do the connection to the server:

Client side (mobile app):
– TSQLConnection (Datasnap Driver. Communication protocol: tcp/ip)
– TDSProviderConnection

SQLConnection1.Params.Values[‘HostName’] := MY_SERVER_IP;

I have tried XX.XX.XX.XX and [XX.XX.XX.XX] values for MY_SERVER_IP with no success.
I don’t know if I have to change something in the server’s Windows application or just on client-side (mobile/firemonkey)

Any solution?

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