Delphi Blogs of the Week #54


A new round up of Delphi-related news, after my two weeks of vacation around Europe.
Delphi Product Blogs and More
Quickly find add-ons with new GetIt categories by Sarina at (by the way, we are open for ideas and suggestions, given the system is now fairly flexible)
The Enterprise Connector Beta has started by Sarina at

Viewing Salesforce Data in RAD Studio Data Explorer by Sarina at

#FireMonkey RAD Studio Overview Download Link:

Targeting Chrome OS with Delphi via Android and Linux by Jim McKeeth at

Notable Blog Posts
Send an Email with an Attachment in iOS, Android, and Windows using RAD Studio by Roy Woll at

ScannerMApp: a QR/barcode scanner app with Delphi, ZXing and TFrameStand by Andrewa Magni at

Using Google Sign-In for Firebase SDK on Android by Allen Drennan at

SIMD Assembly Optimization by Erik van Bilsen at

Building a (real) Linux daemon with Delphi – Part 1 by Paolo Rossi at

4 Years at Embarcadero Technologies by Jim at

Encode JSON to a FireDAC Memory Table without REST Request by Craig at

Stay tunes for more news.

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