Custom FireMonkey component does not get drawn


Working in C++Builder 10.2 Tokyo, I am trying to add a custom component to a FireMonkey TForm programmatically at runtime.

The custom component is not installed as a package and registered in the IDE (as that ended up complicating the project too much), rather it is simply a subclass of TPanel.

However, The component, and its children, do not get drawn when I run the application. I have tested this on Windows and Android, and tried multiple modifications, like setting the Width and Height explicitly.

How can I fix this?

Below is the relevant bit of my code:

__fastcall TForm1::TForm1(TComponent* Owner)
: TForm3D(Owner)
mkView = new MKView(this);
mkView->Align = TAlignLayout::Client;
mkView->Enabled = true;
mkView->Visible = true;
mkView->Parent = this;

__fastcall MKView::MKView(TComponent *Owner)
: TPanel(Owner)
this->OnMouseDown = MKView_OnMouseDown;

TLabel1 = new TLabel(this);
TLabel1->Text = “Here I am!”;
TLabel1->Enabled = true;
TLabel1->Visible = true;
TLabel1->Parent = this;
TLabel1->OnMouseDown = MKView_OnMouseDown;

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