Generating customer loyalty cards, event tickets, coupons, boarding passes for the smartphone with TMS PassKit


With iOS 9 and iPhone 6, Apple introduced the digital wallet on your smartphone. It is a system that holds passes to redeem rewards, get movie tickets, use discount coupons, get boarding passes for transport, offer prepaid cards etc.. An introduction to using the iPhone Wallet on an iPhone or iPod touch can be found here.
The pass for the iPhone or iPod is nothing more than a digitally signed file that can be distributed via a download, attached to an email, shared via AirDrop, …
To facilitate generating such wallet PassKit files, we have released a new product TMS PassKit. TMS PassKit handles all the complexities of the signing of the files and has support for all PassKit type passes: coupons, tickets, store cards, traffic pass, generic pass … It makes generating a wallet file as easy as setting up properties and call TMSPassKitBuilder.Generate() to generate the file. This component can make is really easy to automatically send out a wallet file with a loyalty card to all your customers, send tickets for inviting people to an event, create payment cards for employees and more…
This is an example wallet file that was created with TMS PassKit for a sample event: TMS training day 2017:

PassKit frontPassKit back

As you can see the wallet file can have both a front and back side. The appearance of the front can be customized via various settings, images can be added and as can be seen here, optionally, it can include a barcode in different formats.
The back of the card can contain additional fields and when these fields include an email, phone number, URL, date, … this can be used to link to the mail app, calendar app, phone, …

Wallet files have more important features, such as location sensitivity, beacon sensitivity, NFC coupling. With these features, supported from TMS PassKit, it is possible to make a pass only active in the neighbourhood of a specific location or beacon and do a transaction via NFC.
Finally, a wallet pass file also has built-in support for localization. Content for multiple languages for the wallet pass can be setup via TMS PassKit. Users with their smartphone configured in a specific language will see the wallet pass in their language of choice.
We are pleased that from today, TMS PassKit is released and available as standalone product but it is also part of the TMS VCL Subscription and TMS ALL-ACCESS. So, customers with an active subscription to either of these subscriptions have received this product for free today.
Head over to the TMS PassKit product page and discover the new possibilities you can add to your Delphi applications for creating wallet files for your users, customers, employees, network, friends, ..

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