Does FMX.Media allow reading (and writing) data (frames) from/to a video?


Delphi has the really useful cross platform FMX.Media unit, but does it allow reading frames and writing frames from a video, and to a video, and saving a video file?

Or is it more a unit just for playing/viewing videos mostly?

Real world examples:

get one frame from a video, save it as a thumbnail image
take the first ten frames a video and the last ten frames to make a summary video.. this would require reading video frames and writing to a new video file
take 5 jpegs or bmp images of your cat or dog and make a video with just images displayed
and many more

Would the unit do any of this out of the box to offer basic reading and writing?
It does have a capture feature, so obviously there must be some writing features in the unit, but only for capturing alone? Or can be used generally?

Edit: and if it doesn’t offer these functions, are there any other units that do offer it? Closest I could find is DSPack (which offers more control), but it’s not FMX (firemonkey) and is windows only.

MediaFoundation offers ReadSample() and WriteSample() functions. To make this question less broad, I am looking for functionality that offers functionality similar to ReadSample/WriteSample:

DSpack for delphi contains TSampleGrabber, but is DirectShow only (Windows)

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