Firemonkey Tmenubar sub menu items getting lost off top side of screen


I just want to create TMenubar with bunch of submenu items. So I wrote my code like this.

TMenuBar and MenuItem2 added at design time.

for (int i = 1; i < 100; i++) {
TMenuItem *mainmenu = new TMenuItem(this);
mainmenu->Text = IntToStr(i);
mainmenu->StyleLookup = “menuitemstyle”;

I got my output like this. As you can see I cannot see or navigate to top sub menus.

I tried to change every settings. But nothing worked.

I also noticed if I use the “TMainMenu” component, I can get my expected output like this.(used same code above). As per documentation “For Mac OS X applications, use the TMainMenu component:”

How do I archive 2nd Image result, but using “TMenuBar” component? Is it possible?

I used Rad Studio XE7. multi device form C++ builder. Application target for windows platform.

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