Delphi Blogs of the Week/Month #49


The first list of interesting links and blog post of 2017, focused on Delphi development.
Embarcadero Updates
Press release “Embarcadero Announces RAD Studio Desktop Bridge Support for Windows 10 Deployments” including a comment by Kevin Gallo, corporate vice president for the Windows developer platform at Microsoft at

This press release got also referenced by SD Times at

There is Debugger Hotfix for macOS Sierra and the iOS Simulator for 10.1 Berlin. Information at and download at

Blog Posts
World First! A Linux web service written in Delphi by Craig at

Got a link to this fairly interesting blog on Delphi:

Did you ever use Bold? Check out

I don’t know who write this and don’t agree in full (and it stirred some discussion), but I found it interesting:

A Delphi wrapper for Slack API by Andrea at

Integrating with you favorite CRM/ERP web based client — or poor mans integration? — by Steffen at

Webinars and More
Check out 2017 upcoming Delphi webinars at

In particular, there is a new BootCamp focused on Arduino and IoT early February, that looks pretty interesting. More information to come.

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