TGrid Variant Column Example Upgrade to Berlin 10.1


I try to upgrade to Berlin 10.1 the most popular and accesible of the TGrid custom columns or variant columns examples without positive results.

Is any good soul willing to help the novice community upgrading the awesome free and open example in “TVariantColumn for Firemonkey TGrid” to Berlin 10.1?

I have nothing against the existing paid offers like NextGrid, TTMS, etc.

If not possible, any available and/or updated detailed material kind of “Step by Step Firemonkey TGrid for Dummies.pdf?”

Personally I consider Firemonkey TGrid philosophy just fantastic but is out of my for short time develop.

Mostly what I need is to have calculated cells plus with combobox list filled from databases and able to dynamically change, kind like microsoft excel worksheet.

Yes that could be an accurate description, build kind of excel spreadsheet with the Firemonkey TGrid.

Thanks in advance

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