RAD Studio 10.1 Berlin Update 2 – Anniversary Edition


RAD Studio, C++Builder and Delphi 10.1 Berlin Update 2 Anniversary Edition helps you to Code Faster and Reach Further. You still write your code once, but now you code faster and reach every store: Android, iOS, macOS and Windows 10. Not only does update 2 include many bug fixes, but it also includes new features, all in a non-breaking release.
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Reach a wider audience with your software!
New in Berlin Update 2 Anniversary Edition is support for building Appx packages for distribution in the Windows 10 Store. Windows Desktop Bridge Deployment Support allows you to package new and existing desktop applications ready for the Windows 10 Store directly from your IDE using Microsoft’s Desktop Bridge. Target hundreds of millions of Windows 10 devices with your existing VCL or FMX code base. Same code, new customers!
With Microsoft Windows Store now alongside macOS, Android and iOS store support, you can now reach billions of users from a single cross-platform app codebase!

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Increase developer productivity
QuickEdits – Increase your productivity in the VCL designer with the ability to rapidly modify the name, caption, alignment, layout and color of a control, copy the component name, quickly layout a form from a template, connect images and image lists, and bind the control to a data source or data field.
10.1 Berlin Update 2 benefits from the many new productivity features added in recent releases, including large project support, code block highlighting and the market leading FireUI offering live preview of prototypes on different devices as you design.

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Modern Windows 10 User Experience
New VCL Controls in Update 2 – Improve application usability with two calendar components for Windows 10 that mimic WinRT UI controls while providing support for older versions of Windows.

New Windows 10 Styles – Modernize your application’s look-and-feel with three new Windows 10 styles added for FireMonkey and VCL in Update 2
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10.1 Berlin continues to be the fastest way to take full advantage of Windows 10. Support includes native WinRT/UWP components and APIs, Windows 10 VCL User Experience controls, and updated Windows 10 VCL and FMX support.
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