Is it a bad idea to mix FireMonkey and VCL together? [on hold]


In Delphi when firemonkey does not offer you something you really need, is it a bad idea to pull in VCL code? Obviously the vcl code will not run on all platforms that firemonkey supports, so this is a disadvantage…

Are there any catch 22’s when mixing VCL code with Firemonkey code that people generally aren’t aware of until later in the stages of development, and it comes back to bite them?

Would a good practice be to use ugly “IFDEF windows” for all vcl code?

The reason I am asking is, as a newbie to firemonkey, I had no idea that you could even mix the VCL code with firemonkey code until I saw someone do it. I assumed that when you start a firemonkey project you stick to firemonkey and don’t dare pull in VCL… But as a newbie I was wrong in my assumption as I do see people mixing VCL with firemonkey.

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