Is Delphi Berlin Trial edition for MacOSX and iOS or just the starter edition?


I am wondering if the Trial for Delphi Berlin includes iOS and MacOSX support.

I am a registered user of Delphi Berlin Starter, which does not compile code for MacOSX, so I am wondering if I download the Berlin Trial for 30 days, will it allow me to test compiling a MacOSX firemonkey app? Then if it looks good I would buy Delphi pro/architect/enterprise in the future.

However if Delphi Berlin Trial edition is just the starter edition for 30 days then it is not so much use for me, as I already have Starter.

I could not find on the Embarcadero website which edition the trial download actually is for. Thought I would ask before I waste a few hundred megabytes of bandwidth downloading it only to find out it is “starter”.

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