In firemonkey, is there a way I can tell what Device Token was used for a push notification?


If you install, uninstall, and re-install an iOS app the first and second of the app will have two completely different Device Tokens.

If later on I send a push notification with each Device Token through APNS both notifications will get to the App on the device.

There doesn’t seem to be a way to get the Phone/App to ignore push notifications when they don’t match the current install of the App. They’ll still appear in the phone’s notifications. In my testing I’ve done a lot of wipes and re-installs, so I have quite a few, but I can also imagine an industrious user doing their own uninstalls and re-installs for their own purposes.

Is there a way I can tell in the app that a push notification came in for a previous install (not matching the current Device Token) and what the Device Token was?

If that were the case, I could have the app tell my server that Device Token has gone stale, and not send it again.

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