Textured TriFlip Model Demo For FireMonkey In Delphi 10 Berlin On Windows And Android


Developer Luxophia on Github released an implementation of the TriFlip model available for Delphi Berlin and FireMonkey. The Torus is an OBJ file and the texture is a BMP file. The demo is for Win32 and Win64 but it works on Android, IOS, and Mac OSX with some changes. There is some inline assembly code that can be commented out and some other changes to make it multi device ready. The TriFlip model is actually a data structure that holds the information about the triangular faces of each polygon adjacent to each other. This feature allows the model to perform Euler operations (cut or combine polygons). In solid modeling and computer-aided design, the Euler operators modify the graph of connections to add or remove details of a mesh while preserving its topology. The boundary representation for a solid object, its surface, is a polygon mesh of vertices, edges and faces. It’s topology is captured by the graph of the connections between faces. A given mesh may actually contain multiple unconnected shells (or bodies); each body may be partitioned into multiple connected components each defined by their edge loop boundary. To represent a hollow object, the inside and outside surfaces are separate shells. In Geometry, Euler operators modify the mesh’s graph creating or removing faces, edges and vertices according to simple rules while preserving the overall topology thus maintaining a valid boundary (i.e. not introducing holes). The TriFlip model implementation is provided as a demo for you to try out in FireMonkey under Delphi 10 Berlin.
Head over and check out the library and demo TriFlip Model for FireMonkey in Delphi 10 Berlin.

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