Native TMS mCL Component Suite Updated For Firemonkey In Delphi Berlin On OSX


TMS Software has released a new version of their TMS mCL component suite for Delphi. TMS mCL is specifically for Mac OSX and does not include components for Android, IOS, or Windows. If you are already familiar with this awesome components set, will find many beneficial features to include in your apps. We mention just a few: TTMSFMXNativeNSOutlineView (can now be fully customized Column moving, resizing, Support for displaying images, Virtual mode), TMSFMXNativeNSImageView (which now includes Load image from URL and Face detection) and even more functionalities for the rest of the component set. We have to mention the newly added components which will improve your current apps, such as: TTMSFMXNativeMacPDFLib – let’s you create new and open existing PDF documents, merge PDF documents, set owner and user password have text flow in multiple columns, TTMSFMXNativeNSRichTextViewToolBar – a fully customizable toolbar component, TMSFMXNativeNSView – can be used as a container for other controls. If you have to include iCloud in your apps, the new TTMSFMXNativeMaciCloud gives you access to the iCloud key-value storage or capability to synchronize settings and data between iPod, iPhone, iPad and mac OS applications and TTMSFMXNativeMaciCloudDocument will give you access to document iCloud storage to add, delete and update documents. You can mix these components with FireMonkey controls on the same Delphi form. This is a commercial component suite that includes source code but a free trial is available.
Head over to check out the full list of features in the TMS mCL component suite for Delphi Berlin Firemonkey on Mac OSX.

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