ITDevCon: -15 days


In about 2 weeks ITDevCon 2016 will start!
The agenda is final since one week already, with most of the speeches already defined months ago.
You can check the agenda here:

We have 15 speakers from all over the world, from Brazil to Slovenia, from Germany to Italy; lot of contents, lot of topics. Almost all the speakers are Embarcadero MVP.
In every field you as Delphi developer usually works, will find something really interesting at ITDevCon.
Are you exploring how to create web client applications?
We’ll talk about interfacing between Delphi and web technologies with 2 speech specialized about Angular2 from Google and React from Facebook.
Do you want to stay current with your Delphi knowledges?
At ITDevCon we have the most updated list of news in the Delphi world! The market go on you cannot miss the technology that can give you a competitive advantage!
Do you need to know a clear path to apply unit tests in your Delphi code?
There will be a speech which talk about everything you need to know to start to use unit tests!
Are you using Firebird and you plan to migrate to version 3.0?
At ITDevCon we’ll talk beeply about the new Firebird 3.0, how to migrate to it from the previous version and how to optimize Firebird databases.
Do you need an application server and you have to choose among what the market offers?
At the conference there will be 2 speeches about DelphiMVCFramework, one of the most popular framework for REST services in Delphi, and MARS Curiosity, another framework to evaluate.
Do you need to speedup your applications?
There are specific talks about Redis and MongoDB which will make your application faster than ever.
Are you working in a particular complex environment to debug?
ITDevCon will offer a couple of talks about the advanced utilization of Delphi debugger and memory manager.
Are you interested in Dependency Injection and ORM?
The lead developer of Spring4d framework will talk to us about the latest version of the framework which address these particular needs (among other).
Are you interested in IoT, Arduino or Mobile?
There 2 speech about this topics showing how to integrate Delphi mobile app and an Arduino board.
Are you wondering about the new possibilities provided by the Windows Anniversary Update?
At ITDevCon there will be a session focused on using WinRT APIs from Delphi and building applications for the UWP Desktop Bridge (aka Centennial Bridge) in Windows 10 Anniversary Edition!
You can also get the ticket for only one of the two days of the conference.
More over our beloved sponsors give us a set of complete licenses and books for the conference attendants that will be available at the Prize Draw at the end of the second day. There are also chances that the value of what you may win is more than the price of the ticket you payed to be there!
Really, don’t miss this edition and Get your ticket!
See you in Rome!

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