DirectShow API Camera Library For FireMonkey In Delphi 10.1 Berlin On Windows


Developer WinSoft has released an updated version of their Windows camera library for FireMonkey in Delphi 10.1 Berlin. This library allows you full access to camera devices connected to your Windows machine giving you a variety of camera related options in your app. The are separate libraries for Android, IOS, and OSX as this is Windows only. You can now build awesome applications with the camera (perform high-quality recordings, audio and video playback and capture). The library is also available for C++ Builder developers as well as for Windows 32 and Windows 64. At the core of this library lies the DirectShow 9 API which uses media-streaming architecture powered by Microsoft Windows. It gives you the possibility to perform various operations such as: high-quality video and audio playback or capture. No other files are required to deploy with your applications. For those who want to study the code, the full source for the library is provided but only in the full version. If you want to try out this library demos for Delphi and FireMonkey are ready for you to download. Also, once you purchase the library, you can use it freely in your applications at no other costs.
Head over and check out the free trial and demos of the Camera library for Delphi 10 Berlin and FireMonkey.

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