Delphi Blogs of the Week/Month #46


It has been long time since I wrote a summary blog post, so this is just a collection of highlights. I’ll try to get back to a decent frequency.
Official Embarcadero News
As you probably know we released RAD Studio Berlin Update 1. Check this blog post if you missed it.
Embarcadero is making our tools available to schools and universities. For free. Read the press release “Embarcadero Academic Program Offers Free Software Development Tools to Students” at 
The company is also pushing on Windows 10 Anniversary Update support (with more features to come) but has announced that the Starter edition is remaining free. This is less powerful than the free edition for students, so it is more geared towards hobbyist and casual users, or anyone who wants to get started. Read the specific press release “Embarcadero Announces Support for Windows 10 Anniversary Update and Launches FREE Starter Edition” at

Update 1 and Operating Systems
My own tweet “My Nexus 5X running Android N with a notification from a Delphi app running on it” at

“Build apps for macOS Sierra and iOS 10 with RAD Studio Berlin Update 1” by Sarina at​
Technical Blog Posts
New “Migration and Update Center” on the Embarcadero web site, for anyone with projects on old versions of Delphi and C++Builder, available at

“18 Code Samples Highlighting New Features In RAD Studio Berlin” by Eli at And also by the same author and Delphi MVP, “Three Ways To Easily Embed A Database With Your Android And IOS Apps” at

Holger got back to blogging about Delphi, see Great move! There are several very nice and technical blogs posts…
Interesting post by Warren, focused on cleaning your code from past bad habits, “Delphi Features I Avoid Using And Believe Need to be Gradually Eliminated from Codebases” at

Rather old but worth highlighting, is Jim’s Top Ten Reasons to be a Delphi Developer at

Roman on EncodeString at

Jordi on using REST to talk with a Raspberry Pi at

Documentation and Books
Petar shares the Word document of his detailed and very well researched book on Delphi’s Parallel programming Library at!143753&ithint=file%2cdocx. Kudos for the initiative. Already 50 pages of technical content, and open to contributions.
Did I mention Delphi Succinctly free ebook already? It was written by another Italian and another Marco: Good job.
Third Party Tools
Not really a Third Party tool, as it comes from Idera, but if you are using PowerShell you might be interested in this editor:

​A great review of a great product, Nexus Quality Suite at

Roman updated IMAPSize (a very popular IMAP tool) to the latest Delphi, read more at

And Finally
Read the latest “Flotsam and Jetsam” post by Nick at Nick is joining Embarcadero and I’m sure it will be a pleasure to work with him.

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