What is the equivalent OnScroll Event to TScrollBar for FMX?


I have not come across a solution for an Event (OnScroll) handler for a TScrollBar under Delphi 10 Seattle. I chose it because it is not a TScrollBox for which I will put any content into (like a Panel or DBGrid). It is merely going to detect the mouse action (None of the MouseUp/Down/Side-to-Side have worked either) and it is going to be used as file seek tool for which it will force a bunch of TeeCharts to update, based on the direction of the scroll.

So far I have only come across incomprehensible examples consisting of WindowsMessages (WM_HScroll) and VLC.StdCtrls.TScrollBar.OnScroll

What is the efficient way to detect the ScrollBar moving besides OnChange?

It would help to be able to manipulate the ScrollBar and have it reset itself in the middle. Much like it would if I set the value much like if I set the Min = -50 and Max = 50 (0)

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