Delphi Cookbook 2ed for TMS FixInsight Customers


Delphi Cookbook 2ed by Daniele Teti is finally available. It is a best seller for PacktPub in its category, you can find more information about the book on its author blog.

I am honored to be the reviewer of the second edition. It was an exciting adventure to take a look behind the curtains of book publishing. And I have to say that Daniel did a great job.

Like any cookbook, this book is a collection of recipes. It is exactly what a ?cookbook? should be. Recipes are very different – from the use of VCL styles to the drawing on a FMX ListView component, and from examples of functional programming in Delphi to importing a Java-library interface in Android. Over 60 recipes, according to the cover 🙂

Personally for me, the most interesting part of this book is not the essence of the recipes themselves, but the fact that the author uses all Delphi innovations when it's possible. This was very interesting to watch. Delphi has been developing very quick in recent years, and we are not always aware of how much is new in the recent versions.

I therefore recommend Delphi Cookbook primarily for those who still works with older versions of Delphi and wants to take a closer look at the innovations. Although those who work with the latest version will definetely find something to expand their horizons too. And it particularly useful as a reference book.

PacktPub was so kind to offer 50% discount on the ebook for FixInsight customers. If you order a FixInsight license in July you will get a discount coupon for the book on PacktPub website.

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