FMXBroadcastReceiver (Android) is broken in Delphi 10 Seattle? What changed since XE7?


To work with USB-devices (on Android-devices having USB-host) one has to use BroadcastReceiver.
I have found a demo ( I have tested it on Delphi XE10. Wasted a lot of time to make it work until I discovered that demo works on XE7 but not on XE10.

“Interface not supported” error is occured during JFMXBroadcastReceiver creation (or near).

To demonstrate the problem I have created a brand new simple project
It works in XE7 (press “Register” button to create a broadcast receiver which catches and logs (see adb logcat) screen locking/unlocking. But it does not work in XE10 – “Interface not supported” occurs.
In logcat I can see

W/dalvikvm(31735): dvmFindClassByName rejecting ‘com/embarcadero/firemonkey/broadcast/FMXBroadcastReceiverListener’
W/dalvikvm(31735): dvmFindClassByName rejecting ‘com/embarcadero/firemonkey/broadcast/FMXBroadcastReceiver’

(but they are present in logcat of XE7-built app)

I tried to remove XE7 version of AndroidManifest.template.xml, created .dproj-file in XE10, – nothing helps!.



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