Almost 8 years at tmssoftware


I remember my first day at tmssoftware. Some guys behind their computer, busy toggling on their keyboard, all focused on that screen.
The first job Bruno gave me: here is our website, can you put all our products in a database, together with supported IDE's, frameworks, Windows versions.
OK, not the nicest job… but afterwards I understood Bruno just wanted me to learn as fast as possible the entire product range. And yes, our product range is quite large.

The second job was to go through all product demo projects … here we go again, this kept me busy for a few weeks. After this 'product' introduction, I finally was ready to take the challenge to enter the world of 'support'.

Now 8 years later, support is a daily routine, most of our customers know me, and more than that, most of the emails in the inbox are starting with 'hi Nancy'.

What also keeps fascinating me in this Delphi world is how everything evolves so incredibly fast.
8 years ago we were not even talking about FireMonkey, cross-platform development, components for accessing cloud services, testing on multiple devices like iPad, Android, Linux, Raspbian, …
It also seems like the Delphi world has a small group of real die-hard fans , always the same people you see in the Delphi Google communities, on forums, at conferences, … Or is it just my imagination?

Beside all these new products we released over the 8 years, we also moved to a new office this year and last month we had a major redesign of our website (thanks again for all the positive comment we received!).

Can you imagine how curious I am about what new technologies, new challenges, new products, new exciting things I would write about in a similar blog post after another 8 years at tmssoftware?!

After these 8 years I can say I'm still glad to help our customers as good as I can and as fast as I can.

Kind regards,
Nancy Lescouhier
TMS software team

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