RAD Studio Berlin 10.1 Notes and Links


In case you are already using RAD Studio Berlin 10.1 or are merely looking into it, these links and notes may help you. What’s New in RAD Studio 10.1 Berlin Using C++ lambdas with Parallel Programming Library Marco Cantu on [weak] and [unsafe] attributes My [weak] vs. [unsafe] demo FireUI preview Bookmark stack Selection expansion (which is my totaly favourite new feature!) TBufferedFileStream DataSnap Hotfix Samsung Galaxy Hotfix Samples are installed in c:UsersPublicDocumentsEmbarcaderoStudio18.0Samples. New installer stores files to c:Users<user>DocumentsEmbarcaderoStudio18.0CatalogRepository. FireUI Preview source can be found in c:Program Files (x86)EmbarcaderoStudio18.0sourceToolsFireUIAppPreview. YouTube videos Introducing 10.1 Berlin FireUI Preview demo starts at 32:20 New installer ListView Item Designer— Published under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 license

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