Oculus Virtual Reality SDK Wrapper And Demos For Delphi Berlin On Windows


A Delphi developer out of Japan has created a wrapper for the Oculus SDK which allows you to build VR apps for the Oculus VR device. The demo that is included with the Oculus SDK wrapper doesn’t use VCL or Firemonkey and instead just directly uses DirectX. The wrapper itself lets you access the 1.3.2 version of the 64bit libOVR.dll. Obviously you will only be able to use these wrappers and demo on Windows. The various demos included with the wrapper are Using BasicVR, Zoom, Monoscopic, Layers, Cockpit Mono Exterior, Motion In Look Direction, Tap Detection, Jump From Accelerometers, MSAA, Adjust IPD, Recenter Pose, Debug HUD, and Performance HUD. The full source code of the demos and the SDK wrapper is available in Object Pascal. The blog post about the wrapper is in Japanese so you’ll need to translate as needed (use Google Translate). You should be able to load and compile this demo in Delphi Berlin and probably Delphi Seattle as well. Obviously you need the Oculus VR device to be able to use it effectively.
Head over and check out the full blog post about the Oculus SDK wrapper in Object Pascal and then download it.

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