How do I set the provider for a TPushEvent?


I have a TPushEvent and TKinveyProvider declared on my firemonkey form

I’m trying to manually set the value of the Provider in code. I realize that by default when you drop those controls on a form the the PushEvent’s Provider property is automatically set to the TKinveyProvider. However, I’m working around an apparent bug and I’d like set it later.

Am I setting the provider property correctly in this snippet?

//In my form class
myPushEvents: TPushEvents;
myKinveyProvider: TKinveyProvider;

//later on in one of my procedures/methods
myPushEvents.Provider := myKinveyProvider;

When I look a the value else later on after it should have been set, it still appears to be nil.

Provider appears to be defined as a IBackendProvider which is an interface and I’m not sure if I have to assign it its provider differently than I would with a simple data type like an Integer or a String.

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