Delphi Blogs of the Week/Month #42


This is a new installment of my occasional (mostly monthly) collection of relevant Delphi links.
Embarcadero News
Company focus is summarized in this video, “Inspire. Develop. Excel.”:

As you have seen also in this blog, we have officially lunched a new product, RAD Server, a new offer of existing enterprise level technologies (EMS, BeadonFencing, IotT remoting, etc). Read more at Notice that the complete evaluation software is already included in RAD Studio 10.1 Berlin at the Enterprise level, along with the all of the specific development tools. You can also read

If you missed RAD Studio 10.1 Berlin launch webinar, the replay in on YouTube at

​Technical Blog Posts
A summary of RAD Studio 10.1 Berlin FireUI Live Preview articles, videos, apps and docs by David I at

InterBase Array Fields and FireDAC, by Stephen at

Comparison of Database access frameworks in Delphi (in which FireDAC has a big role) at

A Delphi Guy Walks Into Google, by Allen Bauer at

A Delphi mobile app used to track Bolzano city elections, at

The new TBufferedFileStream class:

Third-Party Related News
Using Advantage Database Server with 10.1 Berlin by Joachim at

Interesting project by Daniele to support Google’s FireBase in Delphi at 
And Finally…
Verity Stob has a new column about the Sons of Kahn, covering last 6 months of news around RAD Studio. And punctuation. And misspelled Wookeys. See

And, finally, don’t miss this months offers: Upgrade from very old versions of RAD Studio and free mobile pack if you buy Delphi or C++Builder Professional! See

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