Artificially Intelligence Component Suite For Firemonkey In Delphi 10 Berlin On Android And Windows


Artificial Intelligence is all the rage and thanks to the third party component system in Delphi you can dive right in with a suite of components called Intelligence Lab from Mitov Software. You can do all kinds of fun things with neural networks like generate unique baby names, feed them romance novels, colorize black and white photos, and build chat bots. These components have been upgraded to support Delphi Berlin plus they work across Android and Windows with some form of support for IOS and OSX. The component suite consists of components with everything from classifiers, to converters, to filters, to generators, to timing components, to training components. Examples of the components are two neural network components with Backprop and RProp algorithms, a naive Bayesian classifier, and a Radial Basis Function Network component. These components could be used to build OCR applications, computer vision functionality, SPAM filters, decision making, speech recognition, and decision making functionality. These components are free to download and use for non commercial use but for commercial uses there is a license fee. The included demos are a K-Nearest Neighbors demo which demonstrates a machine learning algorithm for classifying objects. A Neural Network demo which demonstrates a neural network classifier. A Self-Organizing Map demo which demonstrates a type of neural network that uses unsupervised learning. A naive Bayes demo which demonstrates a Naive Bayes classifier. And a Face Recognition Demo which demonstrates training a Radial Basis Function Network to recognize faces, and then performing the actual recognition. These components should work with C++Builder as well.
Head over to Mitov Software to find out more about Intelligence Lab and then download the component suite!

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