IOS 64bit IPA file size compression


when deploying my IOS app to my mac the IPA file size is 87.3mb – After I publish the app to the iStore, Apple sends me a warning telling me that after they do some stuff it will be larger than 100mb and will only allow users to download it over wi-fi. It’s quite imperative for me that my app stays below 100mb so that users can download it via mobile connection

Now – I’ve done some things that in my mind that should have decreased the app size but to no real avail

Compressed all the images I use in the app (combined size of all the images is less than 3MB – including splash screens and launcher icons)
Removed all unnecessary references to units (cleaned up the “using” sections)
Removed all design time components that can be instantiated in code

I’m not using livebindings
I am using Firedac with SQLite (the database is less than 1MB)

The APK file size is 43 mb which is well below the 50mb max google wants it

Any help or advice in getting the Apple IOS IPA file smaller would be great

Upon further inspection as suggested by @Robotic Cat in the comments I find that the Unix Executable is the culprit… this is then definitely something to do with how delphi builds and links the package
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